from the latin 'universitas' : "out of many person, the whole; a body, the universe, the world"

In 2015, GPSS launched Inspiring Yale, a one of a kind event which celebrates the discoveries and accomplishments that happen everyday at Yale. Inspiring Yale is an event that brings our entire community closer together and inspires collaboration across our many disciplines.

Yale University is an amazing institution, filled with interesting and stimulating ideas. Our peers and teachers that comprise our diverse community are world-class researchers, thinkers, performers, writers, and creators. Yale not only offers the broadest range of academic and professional disciplines than any other university, but also values cross-pollination and collaboration. Too often, busy schedules and academic commitments make it difficult to find the time to connect across disciplines. During his inauguration, President Salovey charged the university to find new ways to BIRG, “Bask In Reflective Glory.” The Graduate & Professional Student Senate is up to the task, recognizing that Yale is the ideal setting to share and to learn from other fields. 

Inspiring Yale is a one-day event that showcases the work of various thought leaders from the 13 graduate and professional schools at Yale. Students from each school nominate and vote on faculty doing the most interesting and engaging work to represent their school and share their work. The elected faculty membersgive short presentations in an evening symposium designed to appeal to a broad audience of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in addition to alumni, faculty, and staff. Inspiring Yale serves as an opportunity for students to learn about the variety of research and exciting work happening at other schools, and more importantly, bring individuals across diverse disciplines together to bask in the glory of all the exciting work at Yale.

Inspiring Yale recognizes that creativity and innovation often spring from exchanging ideas. We hope to foster interdisciplinary and interpersonal connections within the Yale community as a critical component of the event.  It is our hope that Inspiring Yale will continue to be a cornerstone event for the Yale community, promoting campus unity and helping to fuel the tradition of interdisciplinary excellence at Yale.


The Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS) aims to foster interdisciplinary career exploration through events and programming with Inspiring Yale. We encourage you to start a cross-discipline collaboration, find a mentor, and most importantly, get inspired!

In addition to listening to world-renowned leaders and innovators, you will have the opportunity to mingle with speakers as well as other students, faculty, and alumni in a reception after the symposium. It will be a great way to connect with individuals from beyond your own field of study and help shape that idea, get advice, or kickstart a collaboration.

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