Join the Inspiring Yale  Team

Volunteers wanted for helping with Yale's newest event, Inspiring Yale!

Inspiring Yale is a one-day event that will showcase the work of various thought leaders from all 13 schools at Yale. Faculty members, chosen by the students, will share the latest in their work and respective fields for all of the Yale community to enjoy. It is also a great opportunity to network with presenters and students from across the university and learn from the diverse talent pool on campus.

Volunteers are needed to help the planning committee in all phases of the event, including finance & sponsorships, media & design, as well as logistics & planning. Volunteers will have an inside look at how a cross-university event is put together, influence the future of this one of a kind night, bump elbows with nobel prize winners, have some fun, and hang out with some pretty cool people along the way. 


Just let us know your email and we'll be in touch!