IY Speaker Spotlight: Special Guest & Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller by Mike Garcia

Dr. Robert Shiller is the Yale University Sterling Professor of Economics and Professor of Finance and Fellow at the International Center for Finance at the Yale School of Management. In 2013, Dr. Shiller’s "empirical analysis of asset prices" earned him the Nobel Prize in Economic Science alongside fellow economists, Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen.

Spurred by an economics textbook brought home by his brother while still in high school, Dr. Shiller was immediately drawn to the idea of economics as a science. Particularly, Dr. Shiller recalls feeling “intrigued that economic models can actually explain many important things that happen in our lives.” From that starting point, Dr. Shiller moved on to receive a B.A. from the University of Michigan, followed by a Phd in Economics from MIT.

Dr. Shiller has had a remarkable impact on the field of economics. He has authored 7 books and collaborated with 46 co-authors in his career. As well as teaching at Yale, Dr. Shiller pens a regular column in the New York Times, “Economic View,” and “Finance in the 21st Century” for Project Syndicate.

Additionally, his work in home price indices with economist Karl Case, established the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, which are used by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to maintain futures markets. Deservedly so, Dr. Shiller was elected president of the American Economic Association for 2016.

Through his work and research, Dr.Shiller has found that working with colleagues and students has been especially rewarding because, “our work has a moral basis, in finding ways to improve lives and our society.”


IY Speaker Spotlight: Robert Camp - School of Medicine by Mike Garcia

Dr. Robert Camp, of the Yale School of Medicine, focuses on, “promoting the role of pathology as a central component in the teaching of medical students.” While the nature of pathology is seen as antiquated to some in the medical profession, leading to the thought that it should be abandoned in modern medical training, Dr. Camp disagrees. He believes this learning still plays a central role in the education of medical students and enhances their abilities as physicians.

There is a unique difference in teaching pathology versus other areas of medicine. As Dr. Camp describes, “Today, much of medical education is based on linear learning -- students memorize facts and review standard case studies in a predetermined fashion. Students learn to associate patient symptoms with a corresponding diagnosis and ultimately the underlying pathology. Pathology, by contrast, teaches medicine in reverse. We encourage students to compare and contrast the pathology of different diseases across a variety of modalities (e.g., microscope slides, whole organs, x-rays, epidemiological maps, molecular diagnostic techniques) and, ultimately, help them learn to recognize patterns and render diagnoses based on what they see.”

However, Dr. Camp found that the traditional method of teaching students in pathology was ineffective. Historically, it has been taught through microscope observations of tissue slides and students describing what they saw to a professor. Technology advanced this format to images displayed on projector screens and PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, this practice changed the learning experience significantly and caused students to focus on a screen over interacting with their professors.

Years ago, Dr. Camp explored different methods to improve pathology education at Yale. Knowing that there must be another piece of technology to promote student-professor interaction he developed an interactive, web-based module for teaching pathology. This new method utilizes the student's iPad and the school's computers. Dr. Camp has found his new tools facilitates, “a ‘back to the future’ approach to medical education. They expose students to visual content and encourage interactions among themselves and with the professor. My hope is that I can bring this new way of teaching to more and more students in the years ahead.”


Secret Speaker Announced! by Steven Reilly

Inspiring Yale is proud to announce that Sterling Professor of Economics, Robert Shiller, the recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics, will be joining us April 16th as a speaker!  

We're so excited he'll be rounding out our already amazing list of thinkers, performers, researchers, and creators!